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Moving to TB [Apr. 4th, 2007|10:48 am]
Lakehead University


Hello all.

I just got word today that I was accepted to Lakehead for my bachelor's of ed. I am now trying to do some reasearch on moving up there and where I will live and what I will need, and how expensive coming back down here to Windsor (and vice-versa) it will be for my boyfriend & I.

So - where do I look for housing near the university? Is there a housing directory online somewhere that I can look at (just to get prices for now)? Do a lot of places near the U rent for 8 months? How is the Residence at Lakehead? Would it be worth it to look into the townhouse or apartment residences (I don't want a meal plan, as I would rather make all my own food) for 650 a month? Looking on the university off-campus housing directory, there doesn't seem to be much offered in ways of students moving in from out of town who don't have a group. Are there places that offer 8 months leases?

What are the living expenses like? More expensive than other parts of the country for food? less? gas?

Also, what would I need for winter weather up there in terms of clothing and such? In Windsor our winters are relatively mild, and I usually just wear a hoodie over a tee under my winter coat.

Also, does Lakehead offer some sort of Work Study program for students where they can work on campus? I plan on getting OSAP, and most of my school/living will be paid for that way, but I know that I will need another job for extra money, like travel and car expenses.

Thanks for any help!

[User Picture]From: kissedbythegods
2007-04-04 11:35 pm (UTC)
I'm finishing up my last few weeks of B.Ed...so have fun next year! My advice is to hit up as many education hot spots as possible -- you'll meet so many new and awesome people if you try. Also, be sure to take Outdoor and Experiential Education (in essence, a class in which you go camping for a weekend) and Drama in the Classroom if either of them are up your alley.

I know a few people that live on campus and like it, but that's really up to you. Will you have a car? if not, it depends on how tough you are and what our winter is like. Thunder Bay's weather is unpredictable (we have a snow storm right now that closed country schools), but the cold is bearable.
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