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Moving to TB [Apr. 4th, 2007|10:48 am]
Lakehead University


Hello all.

I just got word today that I was accepted to Lakehead for my bachelor's of ed. I am now trying to do some reasearch on moving up there and where I will live and what I will need, and how expensive coming back down here to Windsor (and vice-versa) it will be for my boyfriend & I.

So - where do I look for housing near the university? Is there a housing directory online somewhere that I can look at (just to get prices for now)? Do a lot of places near the U rent for 8 months? How is the Residence at Lakehead? Would it be worth it to look into the townhouse or apartment residences (I don't want a meal plan, as I would rather make all my own food) for 650 a month? Looking on the university off-campus housing directory, there doesn't seem to be much offered in ways of students moving in from out of town who don't have a group. Are there places that offer 8 months leases?

What are the living expenses like? More expensive than other parts of the country for food? less? gas?

Also, what would I need for winter weather up there in terms of clothing and such? In Windsor our winters are relatively mild, and I usually just wear a hoodie over a tee under my winter coat.

Also, does Lakehead offer some sort of Work Study program for students where they can work on campus? I plan on getting OSAP, and most of my school/living will be paid for that way, but I know that I will need another job for extra money, like travel and car expenses.

Thanks for any help!

[User Picture]From: diem
2007-04-04 04:34 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the bay and congratulations on getting accepted to the university! From what I have seen the ED program is very good here and i'm sure you will enjoy it. Now the details!

Housing - Housing costs are low-mid range averaging around 400-575 for a one bedroom place or as low as 200 a month if you decide to live with people. There are two ways I can think of that might assist you with finding a place. offcampus.lakeheadu.ca is a very good resource with listings and a place for people who are looking for roommates. The second one which is not as good is homesweethomes, do a google search for them it's 15 bucks and they send you their housing registery. The place I found more useful though was the offcampus website because then you are generally getting landlords used to students and for the student listings you generally get really neet people. Having just read the latter part of your opening statement that entire point was pointless since you already know about it :)

AS for winters? COLD AS F**K. Currently as I am writing this there is a nice blizzard going on outside with winds up to 70Km an hour and about 25 CM of snow. This isn't the norm but it does happen. During the dead of winter it can get as cold as -40 outside with the windchill factor. I suggest a good northface winter coat and the works to go with it.

Work Study programs can be found through the financial aid office which is located main building down the stairs by the bookstore. Jobs don't pay all to well but they work around your schedule. Marianne will be able to help you if you have further questions. She is good and whom I delt with as a student there.

Other features you might like. Hioto which is located at Bay and Algoma makes some of the best pancakes ever. Cheap (around 6 bucks for a filling meal) and a hit with students. Hillcrest park is nice for the sceanic view of the city as well. We have one large mall intercity which can be reached by the 9 bus route from the university. A couple of the popular bars are Roxy's and Armani's which are both your typical meat markets with loud R&B and Rap. Decent if you like that sort of thing. More chill out places include Tony & Adams located downtown Port Arthur, Madhouse which is right by the hoito and the fast lane which is your standard cougar market but with damn good wings and good times.

Living expensives should be compariable to windsor. Gas is steep right now at 1.08 ltr but food if you stick to the superstore shouldn't be an issue.

Watch out for the wild tooks.

That should get you going, anything else you need to know don't hesitate to leave a comment on my journal or respond to this one. Take care!

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[User Picture]From: morningapproach
2007-04-04 09:03 pm (UTC)
wild tooks?

Thanks for your help :) I am going to make sure to invest in Winter Tires for my car.
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-05-15 12:34 am (UTC)


What are the speeds on the reznet like? I like to download things alot! And having good internet is important. Also are they Nazi when it comes to port blocking and bit torrent? Thanks in advance.
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[User Picture]From: simplefred
2007-04-04 08:39 pm (UTC)
get an appointment that is as close as possibly to the campus. Academy tower is good and you can use the off campus housing website to find a roomate. offcampus.lakeheadu.ca

The tower is also on a major bus route, which will take you straight to the Intercity Mall (the only mall in Tbay)
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[User Picture]From: morningapproach
2007-04-04 09:02 pm (UTC)
Academy Tower is an apartment building I presume? Any idea where I can find them on the web?
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[User Picture]From: dsonnance_
2007-04-04 10:03 pm (UTC)
Magent Property Management is who Owns Acadamy Towers.
They're dicks tho...

Try Poli Rentals they have 2Br's for the same price as 1Br's in Acadamy towers.
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[User Picture]From: simplefred
2007-04-04 10:25 pm (UTC)
they weren't mean to me and there a weight room and sona in the Tower. But I'm quiet. I have to agree with you about the cost. It costs $950 for a 2-br (all inclusive) which is the same cost as a townhouse (non inclusive).

The building the closest appartment to the campus and I has a friend in one of town houses you suggested. He's place had three break-ins over two years. All I can say is do rent on the first floor of any building in Tbay.
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[User Picture]From: simplefred
2007-04-04 10:29 pm (UTC)
This is the campus map:

The tower is at the intersection that's marked with a black X on the upper right side. Oh yes, if you're an ed student, your classes should in the Bora Laskin Building, (14 on the map)
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[User Picture]From: benfoldsfivefan
2007-04-05 03:25 am (UTC)
yeah academy towers is an apartment building but they are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced for the condition of their apartments. the landlord is an asshole and all-in-all, i wouldn't recommend getting into it with them (especially since you have to sign a year-long lease).

if you want i can give you the number of my landlord. i don't live near the school but with a car it's only about a 5 minute drive. rent is dirt cheap and the whole building was renovated this year. the landlord here is amazing and the place is super nice.
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[User Picture]From: morningapproach
2007-04-05 03:28 am (UTC)
You know, I would appreciate that. The girl that I woudl be living with would be heading up there this summer to find us a place, so I will pass it on to her. Are you able to sign 8 month leases in your building?

my email is helbich@gmail.com
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[User Picture]From: kietedan
2007-04-06 06:07 am (UTC)
My two cents, avoid L. P. Rentals properties. They're overprices and in miserable condition, on top of that, the landlords are more than a little lazy. They are however close to the school.
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[User Picture]From: kietedan
2007-04-06 06:06 am (UTC)
Not the only mall, Just the only mall worth frequenting. :P
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[User Picture]From: kissedbythegods
2007-04-04 11:35 pm (UTC)
I'm finishing up my last few weeks of B.Ed...so have fun next year! My advice is to hit up as many education hot spots as possible -- you'll meet so many new and awesome people if you try. Also, be sure to take Outdoor and Experiential Education (in essence, a class in which you go camping for a weekend) and Drama in the Classroom if either of them are up your alley.

I know a few people that live on campus and like it, but that's really up to you. Will you have a car? if not, it depends on how tough you are and what our winter is like. Thunder Bay's weather is unpredictable (we have a snow storm right now that closed country schools), but the cold is bearable.
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[User Picture]From: benfoldsfivefan
2007-04-05 03:19 am (UTC)
if you want to live close to the school but off-campus, be prepared to pay a lot of money for a pretty crappy place (from what i can tell, that's the norm).
i live about a 20minute bus ride from the school (one direct bus) on a main street, and my place is super cheap (newly renovated 2 bedroom for 675 a month).

gas will cost you, it's about 15 cents higher here than in southern ontario, and that's on a good day (why i take the bus... the bus pass is included in tuition next year!)
food is generally about the same as down south (i'm from peterborough and i don't notice a marked difference)

there's the Ontario Work Study Program for on-campus jobs during the school year. you have to be OSAP eligible to get one, but that doesn't sound like it'll be a problem for you.

as for winter wear, we tend to get VERY cold winters, so you'll probably want a good thick 3-in-1 ski jacket. if you wait til you get up here to buy it and then ask somebody at the store, they'll tell you what you need. that's what i did in first year.

there is the lakehead off-campus housing directory. i believe you can access it from the main website at lakeheadu.ca

rez is a waste of money, in my opinion. but that's just me and i know a lot of my friends still enjoy living there, so that's totally your call.
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From: vampyrickitten
2007-04-05 01:58 pm (UTC)
I recall going from Toronto to T-Bay by bus about 5 years ago. Cost me about $110 round trip with Greyhound. And that was WITH the student discount! It was also a 20 hour ride one way, leaving from Toronto. Driving is about a 14 hour trek from the GTA. For visiting purposes, I recommend waiting until breaks to do so, for the sheer stress that is caused on both ends waiting for each other.

Hope this helps!
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[User Picture]From: morningapproach
2007-04-05 02:09 pm (UTC)
well, he makes rather decent money, so him flying up is a likely option. I doubt that I would ever drive back down - google maps said itw ould take about 14 hours from TB to Windsor, and I think that the only time that I would do that would be for christmas break, or if I can do my placements in the city. Otherwise I think that I would opt to fly down on a long weekend or something.
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[User Picture]From: kietedan
2007-04-06 06:12 am (UTC)
Sadly the price has gone up since vampyrickitten came up to visit. It was nearer $300 last I looked, but it does tend to fluctuate.
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[User Picture]From: benfoldsfivefan
2007-04-07 06:30 pm (UTC)
flying on westjet and air canada is usually comparable. if you get a seat sale (which are relatively common) you could be looking at about 90 bucks for a one-way from TO pearson to thunder bay (and the same to go home).
westjet's service is MUCH better, but air canada sometimes has much better prices because you have the choice to remove options (like checked baggage and collecting airmiles) to save money.
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