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cell for sale [Jan. 27th, 2007|11:28 am]
Lakehead University



I have a Motorola V186M (Much Music Edition) cell phone that I want to get rid of. I got a new phone like a year ago when I went onto a monthly plan and this one has just been sitting here, taking up space. 
I only used it for a couple months, so it's in awesome condition. Here is the info..

  • Motorola V186M Much Music Edition
  • Activated, ready to use with Rogers monthly or Pay as you Go plans (Tbaytel may let you use it too? Not sure)
  • 2 extra faceplates included- Much Music "wood grain" and a see-through airbrushed flower one with matching battery cover (no tools needed to change faceplates!)
  • Charger, original box and all the original contents included
  • A bunch of extra ring tones were bought and are on the phone, including "Bittersweet Symphony" and "I am the Walrus" (as a bonus?)
  • I'm asking $75 OBO, I pretty much just want to get rid of it. Please take it off my hands!
  • Call 622-8995, ask for Leah OR MSN or email my.restless.soul@gmail.com OR reply to this post for more info

    original faceplate
    much music faceplateflower faceplateflower battery coveropenit still worksoriginal boxcharger